Flash Fiction Editing

Do you have a story that’s floundering in the submission queue? A story that starts off great, but loses momentum or characters that lack agency? Maybe you don’t know what’s wrong with the hook or you haven’t been able to stick the landing? Maybe the story is near perfect, but it needs a final polish?

For stories under 1,000 words, I can provide not only some line editing, but I can give you a deeper perspective on hooks, point of view, character agency, and possible places to submit for publication.

“Holy smokes!!! This is way more than 20$ worth of feedback. You took such time and care with this. I have never sought out editorial feedback before but I knew there was something so deeply problematic with this and I was having trouble with direction to continue to future drafts. You have highlighted several issues that were gnawing at me under the surface. I’m going to rewrite the piece with the feedback in mind. You’re awesome, Tommy!”   –E. James


1-500 words $10.00

501-1,000 words $15.00

1,000-1,400 words $20.00

Contact me via DM on Twitter @tommydeanwriter or via email at thomasrdean13@gmail.com